What’s The Price Of Samsung Galaxy S9?

- Mar 21, 2018 -

Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and S9+ duals on the eve of the MWC2018 at the end of February. Market research company TechInsights analyzed the component costs of the Samsung S9+ and found that the device is Samsung's highest cost mobile phone with a total production cost of US$379, which is even higher than Samsung Note8. For $10, it costs only a little less than the iPhone X. The iPhone X costs $389.5.

 samsung S9 phone case.png

It is worth noting that the $379 here is only the cost of production and does not include the costs of research and development, marketing, distribution, and taxation.

The Samsung S9+ is priced at US$840 in the U.S. official website, and its profit margin is calculated to be approximately 55%. Compared with the iPhone X, the gross profit rate is approximately 61%, and the iPhone 8 Pluss gross profit rate is approximately 59%.

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A lot of people would like to buy a samsung galaxy s9. there has some phone case choice for you to protect your mobile phone.

Wallet phone case for samsung S9

wallet phone case for samsung S9 (2).jpg

Liquid silicone phone case for samsung S9

Samsung S9 liquid silicone phone case.jpg

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