What’s The Best Material Of Phone Case(2)?

- Mar 09, 2018 -

In addition to several materials previously mentioned, there are some more materials


Metal phone case

The market's major metal phone case has aluminum phone case, magnesium alloy phone case, titanium aluminum alloy phone case.

Advantages: strong hardness, durability, high-end appearance, cooling fast

Disadvantages: As the phone case hard, handling phone case may scratch the phone, may be deformed, as before the iPhone 6 Plus accidentally the entire phone will be deformed, metal phone case may interfere with the signal, which is a lot People are mindful

 Metal phone case.jpg

3D lenticular phone case

We also called 3D lenticular phone case as Holographic phone case.3D lenticular is a very special material and can be printed a special picture, the designs looks very vivid,like real creature or plant in front of you.

Advantages: very special, varied designs

Disadvantages: due to the special material, some 3D patterns look for a long time will have the advantages of dizziness

3D lenticular phone case.gif 

Tempered glass phone case

Tempered glass phone case in the end of 2017. the glass after 4 hours of tempering,the thickness of about 0.6-0.8mm.

Advantages: crystal clear, feel very good, good heat dissipation

Disadvantages: fragile, high hardness

Glass phone case for iPhone X.jpg 

After read these types of materials, you can choose your own case as your request.

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