What’s The Best And Useful Phone Case

- Mar 06, 2018 -

what’s the best and useful phone case?

People can not live without a mobile phone, you spend more time with mobile phone than spend time with anyone else, so mobile phone is important, we need to protect it, choose a good phone case also important.


Shockproof mobile phone case, one of the most popular phone case of DSTONE., unique airbag damping principle, due to good drop resistance won the customers like, whether it is to protect the camera, the back of the phone, mobile phone screen, it can provides full protection for your phone.

 Shockproof iphone X case.jpg

In the design, DSTONE carefully analyzed how to make the protective phone case better fit your phone, so that users can use the buttons easily. In addition, DSTONEs design team also implemented a series of crashes Test to ensure that it is tough enough to withstand everyday use.


Here's the drop test video on YouTube.


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