What Raw Materials Used To Create High-quality Phone Shell? What Is The Standard?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Plastic phone case material is generally PC (ie, PVC) or ABS, is generally processed from the material, the material is not processed PC shell, can do injection, patch stickers, silk screen, water paste and other technology. The most done on the process should be injection + water stickers, you can print a variety of patterns.

Quality standards can refer to this material and fuel injection of advanced standards:
1. Mobile phone jacket material selection of pure PC material, not to join the recovery of materials, no ABS, PP and other mixes. Products 圧 fold does not break. Raw materials imported PC (Japan and South Korea, etc.), to provide raw materials to ensure that Not domestic materials.
2. Tablet PC shell can be a mixture of PC ABS material, or ABS pure material product 圧 fold up to 40 degrees without breaking the same raw materials to be imported materials.
3. Material without degumming, fracture, etc. Before the production process in the factory to do the best seized, trimming. Batch cracks, burr control in a certain range.

Injection process advanced standards:
1. Primer and finish pass the 100 grid test, the test reaches the A level standard (each grid paint no drop);
2 wear test, with a weight of 500G on the white cloth back and forth rubbing 50 times. No paint off;
3. High and low temperature, high temperature 60 ℃, low temperature -15 ℃ high humidity environment, 8 hours paint does not happen back to the sticky, discoloration, cracking;
4. 8 hours of sunshine does not change color;
5. Topcoat must be dry rub, water rub, white oil rub, alcohol rub (rub method 500G weight, 50 times, white cloth) does not change color, do not fade;
6. Surface particles can not exceed 0.3 mm;
7.80 degrees hot water soak 4 hours, the water does not thicken, does not change color;
8. The product surface no serious scratches, no leakage spray phenomenon, no serious stains;
9. 500G weight pressing 3M tape, paste in the product, at a high temperature of 60 degrees for 24 hours, tape does not change color;
10. Drop test, the product from the height of 1.5 meters to do free-fall movement, paint the surface does not appear massive cracking burst.
11. Paint has an international environmental protection or other quality certificates, such as ROHS.

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