What Kind Of Phone Case Is The Best Choice?

- May 03, 2018 -

Today, DSTONE has introduced an artifact to you, allowing you to completely liberate your hands!

Anti-gravity phone case

The phone case looks no different from other ordinary phone case, but the most critical point is that it can counter gravity! In fact, this "anti-gravity" can not really say that it is a violation of gravitation, but it can be adsorbed on the surface of the object to ensure that the phone will not fall. The traditional mobile phone shell can only protect the mobile phone from dropping when the mobile phone is dropped, but it does not fundamentally solve the problem of mobile phone crash. This anti-gravity phone case starts from the source to prevent the phone from falling.

Anti-shock phone case.jpg 

So, what exactly is the reason for this phone case to stick to any surface without dropping the phone? Mystery lies in the material of this phone case. Ding Sheng uses patented nano-adsorption materials. Countless holes that are hard to see with the naked eye allow the phone to stick to any smooth surface (equivalent to millions of tiny suction cups behind the phone case).

 Chinese phone case factory.jpg

Anti-gravity case can be attached to glass, tiles, stainless steel, mirrors, whiteboards, computer screens, windows, even walls, etc.

 Anti-gravity phone case.jpg

As a mobile phone case, it would be natural to increase the thickness of the phone, but it has done its best. The thickness is only 3mm, so you can easily get into your trouser pocket. Another feature of Mega Tiny is its superior healing power. If there is a slight scratch, it will automatically repair. If it is covered with dust, you simply rinse it with water or a cleaning solution, and its adsorption capacity will be restored. In addition, it is also extremely resistant to high temperatures, and it will not fade even under the scorching sun.

 Best mobile phone case.jpg

If you are interested in this phone case, please contact us and there are over 400 models now.

As soon as you advise your chosen model, I’’ll send you the updated offer. 


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