What Kind Of Mobile Phone Shell For Yourself?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Now the mobile phone shell market is extremely hot, mobile phone shell manufacturers introduced a wide range of mobile phone protection, fancy styles, a dazzling array of goods a bit dazzling, then what kind of mobile phone protective shell for yourself?

To know what kind of cell phone protective shell for their own first have to have some understanding of the phone case, in addition to the appearance of the past we can see the style problems, have to have a certain understanding of the material of the phone case, the market now The selection of the chassis is roughly: silicone, TPU, PC, leather and other categories.

What phone protective shell for their own

Silicone: It is the earliest material used in the production of mobile phone protective shell. It is also a familiar material for everyone. Silicone material has soft texture and silky feel. However, due to its strong adsorbability, it is easy to get dirty and its price quality is uneven. Gradually replaced by TPU.

TPU: In recent years, the more popular mobile phone case material, oil, water, mold, and TPU products carrying capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance outstanding, prior to this, TPU has been used in medicine, is A health, safety and environmental protection materials, TPU soft texture, feel a little harder than the silicone, its greatest feature is wear-resistant, anti-skid anti-skid effect.

PC: referred to as PC engineering plastics, its advantages are: good light transmission, hardness, anti-aging, light, strength and toughness, and PC material can be processed in its surface, making it feel changes, such as rough matte, delicate Matte, can be achieved above the PC material, PC material heat dissipation is also very good, the general heat sink on the use of PC material.

Leather: Divided into artificial leather and animal leather, whether it is artificial leather or animal leather, its most prominent feature is the appearance of elegant chic, and some gives the feeling of vintage, like the rapier leather sleeve, then highlight the business texture, the appearance Add points. Convenient leather features comfortable feel, will not wear the phone, heat dissipation is good, the combination of leather and flocking microfiber, the phone's protective better.

Can be seen with the development of the times, the phone shell is also changing with the progress of mobile phone protection materials in the shell is also more and more attention, the silicone shell material has been slowly eliminated for the market, we can choose according to their own The preferences and the price acceptable TPU material or leather phone case, of course, metal phone case is also a good choice.

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