What Is The Use Of Mobile Phone Case Production Machine?

- Mar 19, 2018 -

On March 15th, 2018, we purchased a brand new automatic cutting machine.

This machine adopts microcomputer numerical control display device, the length/quantity of the cutting strip, and the feeding speed can be freely set. The adjustable roller feeding mechanism can be added. The pressure and lifting can be automatically adjusted on both sides. The material can be quickly discharged and the feeding mechanism with the thimble type can be used to effectively prevent the material from being drawn. Injury is mainly applied to high-speed cold/hot full/half-cutting cutting of strips. High precision, low loss, model design in line with ergonomic principles, simple operation and high automation.

 Protective iPhone X case .jpg

Product information:

Product Brand    HDK

Product Name    Fully automatic unwinding and cutting machine

Product Model   HDK-300Z

Knife material    SKD-11

Product Power   220V 50/60HZ

Cutting length    0.1-9999.9mm

Cutting speed    30-160pcs/min

Feed width      1-300mm

Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm

Product size     580*1100*1000mm


This machine can increase the output and reduce the loss.We use it for our next orders,product like leather iPhone 6 case,Luxury iPhone X case, samsung S9 case,HUAWEI case etc. and It will become one of the best assistants of DSTONE CASE.

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