The Process Of Phone Case - Electroplated

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Electroplated phone case

Electroplated mobile phone case is in the original metal, plastic or silicone shell plated with a layer of metal coating, thus changing the texture and appearance of the phone shell.

Its specific characteristics are as follows: Different beautiful look and feel plastic and silica gel textures of the mobile phone shell itself does not have a shiny sheen, are beautifully shiny through the paint spraying. Metal plating and paint spraying technology have the same effect, Is to make it more beautiful, rich texture, so that the original monotonous mobile phone shell glow new glory. Durable, safe mobile phone shell after metal plating, the surface formed a metal layer, the degree of wear has also been improved.

Lighter weight, compared with pure metal mobile phone case, weight is much lighter, there will not be too strong drop hand feeling, but also can basically keep the mobile phone's light feeling. The price is slightly more expensive to electroplate mobile phone shell than the ordinary plastic, silica gel , Metal mobile phone shell to be slightly more expensive, after all, one more process to a cost.

Below our electroplated phone case design,please click image for more details

Liquid phone case for iPhone 6S , Water iPhone case

electropated liquid phone case.jpg

Electroplated HUAWEI P20 lite phone case

Electroplated cool phone case for HUAWEI P20 Lite (7).jpg

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