The Process Of Phone Case - Coating

- Apr 16, 2018 -

In order to increase mobile phone case the wear resistance of the coating surface, a UV-cured UV coating is usually applied to the outer surface. The brightness of the UV coating is required to be met by different proportions of glossy UV and matte UV.

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Fluffy Phone Case For IPhone 7 Case And IPhone 8,click photo see more

1, spraying method


The plastic spraying process is divided into manual spraying and automatic spraying.


Hand spray: Coating thickness and quality are not easily controlled. It is mainly used for the initial batch spraying and spraying of conductive coating on the inner surface.


Automatic spraying: There are many guns (6 guns and 8 guns, etc.) spraying. Different spray angles are adjusted to achieve a uniform thickness of the sprayed surface, and it is also useful for the robot to spray.


Note: The code, color, and surface roughness of the substrate must be determined before the test spray.

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Protective Mobile Phone Case For HUAWEI P20 Pro,click photo see more

2, coating thickness


In order to make the coating color stable in terms of gloss, abrasion resistance, etc., the coating thickness must be controlled. Coating thickness measurements can be measured directly with a coating thickness gauge.


Silver primer (used to show metallic luster) is thin, generally 3~5μm;


Topcoat coating thickness is generally 8 ~ 10μm;


The coating thickness is generally 8~15μm.

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Samsung S9 Liquid Silicone Phone Case,click photo see more

3, color and brightness


Colorimeter and brightness meter can be used to detect. This method can quantify the data, but the accuracy is poor. Swatches are often used for comparison testing.

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Protecttive phone case for iPhone X

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