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- Apr 04, 2018 -

IMD: In-Mold Decoration, IMD is the internationally popular surface decoration technology, surface hardened transparent film, intermediate printing pattern layer, back injection layer, ink middle, can make the product resistant to friction, prevent the surface from being scratched, and can maintain the color for a long time The sharpness is not easy to fade.

In recent years, IMD mobile phone shell has been hot in the market, let us introduce how IMD mobile phone shell is produced in the end.

IMD is a molding method in which a printed pattern film is put into a metal mold and a molding TPU is injected into the mold to join the diaphragm, and the printed pattern film is integrated with the TPU to form a product. 

IMD phone case with protect film.

IMD phone case.jpgHolographic phone case.jpg

Advantages: IMD is the current internationally popular surface decoration technology because the pattern is in the middle of the sheet (the sheet is transparent) and the TPU, so there is no possibility of being scratched and rubbed off, and the color can be kept bright for a long time without fading. . Product patterns can be high-definition high-gloss, you can also matte is matt. When the product reaches the customer's hand, the protective film on the surface of the sheet is torn off, and the product is clearer and feels better.

There has some nice IMD phone case designs for you, pls click below image see more

 Holographic Phone Case

Holographic Phone Case For IPhone X.gif

Lifeproof Phone Case For IPhone X

Lifeproof Phone Case For IPhone X.jpg

Design Your Own Case For IPhone X Protective Phone

Design Your Own Case For IPhone X Protective Phone.jpg

Custom IMD Phone Cases For IPhone 8 Plus

Custom IMD Phone Cases For IPhone 8 Plus.JPG

Rainbow Phone Case For IPhone 7 Plus

Rainbow Phone Case For IPhone 7 Plus.jpg

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