Mobile Phone Shell How Often Change?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Now you buy a cell phone almost always buy a phone case to protect and decorate the phone, but sometimes with some friends think the phone case does not like the style or feel dirty always like to change a new phone case, then the phone case how often What?

Mobile phone shell replacement time and there is no hard standard, according to our own phone shell quality and maintenance of the situation should decide whether to change, in general, if the phone shell quality is poor, there will be a share Unpleasant chemical taste, this is because the phone shell is made of plastic, the pigment inside is relatively heavy, prolonged use may cause the body by the chemical hazards, more serious may lead to infertility, girls must pay attention.

Buy cell phone cover, ignore the material only pay attention to style, but in fact, some informal manufacturers in order to save costs, it is precisely in the material cut corners, add some media in the phone temperature rises to a certain temperature, may release harmful substances. Although the mobile phone sets will produce formaldehyde during use, but if the space environment is relatively large, generally do not enter the body, but do not hide in the quilt with a cell phone to cover the phone, the quilt room is relatively small, the gas should not be volatile , It is easy to affect the body.

Therefore, when we began to buy mobile phone protective shell when you need special attention, it is necessary to choose your favorite style, at the same time in the phone shell material also must work hard, it is best to choose cortex, cloth or metal phone case, So that the case of a proper use of a mobile phone shell can be a long time do not need to be replaced, if you are using the phone shell material is poor, easy to emit irritating odor, the phone shell manufacturers suggest that you choose the best is to quickly replace to avoid Affect their health.

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