Mobile Phone Sets What History?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

First, let's talk about the role of the phone case. 1, regardless of seasons, the hands are always stained with bacteria, and now has a phone case, clean, hygienic, more convenient, dirty can change, you can throw. 2, shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-friction paint off, so as to avoid cell phone screen and the body scarred. 3, mobile phone protective cover can be designed into a variety of patterns, shapes, is the opponent's beauty, and some, easy to carry. 4, enhance the new number. Due to its material reasons, the protective case of the mobile phone can prevent the metal from interfering with the mobile phone type due to the contact of the metal and the mobile phone case. 5.TPU phone cover with anti-skid effect.

The earliest mobile phone case is in Motorola's big brother stationed in China after, because of the rare, more people to set up a special protective cover for it. With the development of mobile phone technology, the phone's body becomes compact and lightweight, the Nokia 8250 is the classic representative. Since then the business started from the style, color, style and other aspects, to design a variety of mobile phone protective cover. After a while, there was some turmoil in the handset market, and the manufacturers of handset jackets were also affected. After this turmoil, manufacturers began to seriously consider the market positioning of mobile phone protective cover, and therefore, the mobile phone protective cover began to transform from mobile phone accessories to mobile phone accessories.

Finally, iPhone4 into China, the handset manufacturers to design a lot of sophisticated mobile phone case, which adds even more iPhone4's charm, but also highlights the phone protective sleeve in the mobile phone accessories industry's important position, since the phone case has become hot Sell products. Well, today we can see the phenomenon of mobile phone case is a sign of maturity in this industry.

In recent years, mobile phone protective cover can be seen everywhere, and a large variety of styles, by the majority of mobile phone users of all ages. The sales of mobile phone case for many silicone mobile phone sets, plastic products manufacturers, is undoubtedly a major business opportunity, they have started to produce and design a variety of mobile phone sets are even a variety of materials, including the TPU phone sets The highest proportion; of course, with the development of mold technology, silicone phone sets began to be recognized by the vast number of consumers.

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