Manufacturers Tell You How To Buy And Use Phone Shell

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Now the phone is almost a manpower, mobile phones have gradually become part of our lives, many people will want to buy a cell phone after the selection of a beautiful mobile phone shell to protect the phone, how to purchase and use the phone shell.

Choose mobile phone shell need to select the right phone shell based on the model
Phone selection, the phone model should be more appropriate choice, we all know, but some details to note, such as iphone4 phone protective cover, and some like double-window, but ios6 system and ios7 windows different systems , Ios7 system in accordance with ios6 system will affect the use, so be careful when buying.

Select the phone shell material
Phone case is generally made of plastic, silicone, leather and other materials, Shenzhen Wal-Mart recommends that the leather shell is better, no plastic smell, more soft, good resistance to fall. General PU leather on it.

Buy mobile phone shell to pay attention to the smell of the phone shell
Do not buy too bright, fancy, pungent smell of mobile phone shell, such as some plastic, "leather" and other mobile phone shell, take a closer look at the smell, if very pungent, indicating the phone shell harmful ingredients content is high, do not Use.

Phone shell color
Phone shell colors best according to their preferences to choose from dirt aspects of consideration, or choose a better color, such as gray, brown, black, etc., more resistant to dirt, after all, the high frequency of mobile phones, very Easily dirty, black cell phone case also showed the atmosphere, steady, on the grade. .

Phone shell price
Phone shell or online shopping is better, about 10 yuan on the package on the line. Note that to choose a high credit, sales of large online store, cell phone shell quality will be better. But also look at the comments and see how the overall quality of mobile phone shell, try not to go to the store to buy, the price is too high.

Phone shell function
The function of mobile phone case is more and more powerful nowadays, when choosing, look carefully, for example should have magnetic clasp, simple bracket and so on, it is more convenient, so as not to open the mobile phone case, . And the best card slot, wallet-style, you can put some pocket money, etc., do not put bank cards, so as to avoid degaussing.

Thermal aspects
Phone shell try to choose some thin, so the heat dissipation is better. However, note that, since the choice of the phone case, do not over-heat the phone for a long time (games, movies, etc.), after all, the phone shell cooling effect is worse than no phone shell.

After reading whether you are on how to buy and use the phone shell has a lot of experience, the phone shell manufacturer in Shenzhen handphone shell in the appearance, color, model, material, function are very rich, the price of mobile phone shell Is also very advantageous, when you buy a cell phone case is a very good choice.

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