Liquid Phone Case Need Checked?

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Recently, Ms. Wang’s mobile phone case, which was purchased for RMB 500, was stopped at aircraft security. Because the mobile phone case contains liquid, it needs to be checked. Due to the delay in shipping, the flight was missed.

The bling bling mobile phone shell, although beautiful, but unfortunately there are liquids, need to be checked, when people fly, please note that if you use a liquid quicksand phone case, be sure to apply for check-in procedures in advance to avoid wasting time and missed flights.

DSTONE has many liquid phone case for you:

liquid phone case for samsung Note 8 case

Liquid Phone Case For Samsung Note 8.jpg

Liquid sand case for samsung S8 case

Liquid sand case for samsung S8 case.jpg

You can choose liquid samsung phone case for yourself

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