How To Pick A Silicone Phone Case

- May 10, 2018 -

Silicone phone cases are the most well-known types of cell phone cases. It has a soft texture, a slightly slippery touch, and has been popular for many years. From the development of shoddy goods to the well-crafted individual brand, market share of silicone cases has always remained ahead. Because of its excellent price/performance ratio, silicone covers became popular when MP3s and iPods comes out and were popular among many people.


There are many advantages of silicone, such as high temperature resistance, good resistance to weather (not afraid of ultraviolet or ozone decomposition), good insulation, and stable material (do not change with the animal body). In addition, people choose silicone shells because of its good feel: Some keyboards are hard phones, and after they are covered with silicone shells, they will improve. And can absorb the impact of some bumps on the phone, thus reducing the damage to the phone. In addition, the silicone shell has better water resistance, which has become its biggest selling point. Although the silicone shell has many advantages, and the price is low.


However, there are still deficiencies, due to poor air permeability, long-term wear will cause the phone body heat. In particular, smartphones, which have a relatively high calorific value, do not recommend users to use them. Moreover, the silicone shell itself has a slight stickiness, and after a period of use, it will accumulate and adsorb a large amount of dust on the mobile phone. 

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