How To Identify The Quality Of Mobile Phone Case-2

- Apr 26, 2018 -

3. observe the plastic point

Plastic injection will have plastic inlet (silicone gel is not), the processing of the rubber inlet is also very critical, and processing is good, the grade is immediately higher than a poorly processed, plastic inlet design in the outer edge of the product, Usually is a flat long plastic position. If it is designed internally, it is generally a point. At present, there is a protective cover for the iPhone4. It uses a zero mark design, which means that the plastic inlet is not visible on the product. To this product will no doubt add points in the grade.


4. Observe internal surface and structural

Since the protective sleeves are all buckled, according to the traditional way of design, there will be inclined roof design. The advantage of this is high production efficiency, the defect is also very obvious, there will be oblique top wiring, generally iPhone4 is about Two oblique top lines. There is also a new way to solve this problem. It is to use a strong release method, so that the production efficiency is low, but the appearance can be done beautifully.


If it is difficult to see the burr line processing of plastic products, the surface is beautiful, there are no burrs around the hole, there are no glue points and oblique top lines inside and outside, then you can be sure that the workmanship is very good and very good. In particular, due to the good fluidity of the soft rubber materials, the burrs are more likely to be produced than hard rubber products.

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