How To Clean The Phone Shell Can Be A New Look?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Mobile phone sets a variety of styles, shapes are strange, and some cartoon characters modeling, and some fruit and vegetable styles, creative cute incomparable! Color silicone sleeve is now the favorite of most girls!

Transparent mobile phone sets we are all familiar with, we buy mobile phones when the business to send a transparent silicone sleeve, so most of the transparent silicone sleeve price is very cheap, but this shell is not resistant to dirty, used for some time Began to yellow.

This is really a matter of patience, the new mobile phone sets have not used " residual", the appearance of the first changed. This is like a woman to buy high heels, did not wear a few days to find the same grinding feet, really " food tasteless to abandon the pity", then yellow transparent case how to do? In fact, there are still some life tips to help you worry about.

Cleaning method:

The first: silicone mobile phone set with alcohol, or toothpaste to slowly wash the silicone phone sets.

The second: Silicone phone sets Gently wipe silicone cell phone sets dirty place.

Third: Silicone mobile phone cover with a cotton swab stick a small amount of essential oil painted in the stain, wait 1 minute with a cotton swab to gently wipe to remove dirt.

The fourth: rub gently with detergent, and then rinse with water, after washing dry on it. Remember, do not expose the sun.

The fifth: the use of transparent plastic or tape sticky, the market is selling the kind of large transparent plastic, with its sticky two or three under the test effect may be some small dust can be too dirty to have much effect.

Here's a warm tip, the phone shell must not be exposed to the sun, the other do not be too frequent cleaning, will be counterproductive.

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