How To Choose A Good Phone Case?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

A good cell phone case, is the best way to protect your cell phone, but in a wide range of cell phone case to choose how to choose a good cell phone case?

First, the level of agreement
Put on the phone case, you should carefully check the phone case and the phone is consistent.
The specific method of testing mobile phone protective shell is: After loading the shell, first of all with the eyes to see if the shell has the phenomenon of distortion; followed by a more gentle force light shell, if the more pronounced sound to prove the phone shell and The phone is not very consistent, need another choice.

Second, the appearance of mobile phone protective shell
In the purchase of color shell, the first look at the color of the shell color is similar with the surface color. In short, the plastic material used in the white shell is preferably white, and the plastic material used in the black shell should be black. If the background and the color of the surface is similar, even if the surface of the shell after the scratch scraped, it will not become ugly.

Specific check phone protective shell method:
1, the color shell turned over to see if its inner surface color and the outer surface is the same;
2, see the color of the shell is uniform;
3, to see if the above color printing pattern is within the specified range, if the edge of the pattern are extended to the inner surface of the production of the color case, the process of this color shell is not too much clearance, it is best not to consider;
4, we must remember to check whether there are scratches and other issues shell body.

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