How Many Kind Of Liquid Phone Case We Have

- Mar 08, 2018 -

In recent years,  liquid cellphone cases has become more and more useful. Let's take a look at the types of liquid cell phone cases commonly found on the market

Liquid sand case Apple 7 mobile phone case

Click below image and see more details information

liquid iPhone 7 case.gif

This European and American luxury quicksand liquid glitter phone case, very blingbling texture in your hand. Give you a new fashion experience.


Liquid floating mobile iPhone case

Liquid case for iPhone 6S.jpg

This swimming ducklings, fun and easy to use, you can customize the design of floating objects


Digital Painted liquid quicksand iPhone 6 phone case

liquid iPhone phone case.gif

On the basis of the original sand-sand shell printed on a variety of good-looking design to meet different people's requirements


Electroplating liquid phone case

The image on case was made by electroplated process

iPhone 6S case.jpg

Different colors and patterns are plated on the outside of the liquid phone case, so it looks very shiny  

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