Global Mobile Phone Sets The Development Prospects

- Jan 02, 2018 -

In China, the popularization and popularization of various high-end mobile phone use groups. See the development prospects of the global mobile phone sets, making mobile phone sets manufacturers mushroomed generally emerge. These companies produce cell phone cases in a variety of materials, while also focusing on the beauty, personality, and quality of the cell phone case. Diversification in the mobile phone sets, diversification is an endless stream, surprisingly, some mobile phone sets are far more expensive than the price of mobile phones.

Apple godfather Jobs once said: We spent countless energies minus the thickness of the iPhone 1mm, a set of users in China completely obliterated!

However, with the "protective cover" escort, no doubt even more reassuring. After all, mobile phones are getting more expensive, not protecting how to do it!

First, PC hard shell material mobile phone sets
Such materials, mobile phone sets touch hard, the product surface can print a variety of patterns, beautiful appearance, in line with the aesthetic of contemporary young people; but most of the market are hard shell mobile phone package is not up and down the package design, resulting in this phone Although beautiful and thin set, but the phone at the top and bottom of the lack of protection, poor cushioning shortcomings. If you are the kind who often throw phone, then this phone cover will not be your best choice.

Second, silicone protective sleeve
Because of the wear-resistant silicone, good elasticity, soft touch and other characteristics, so made of silicone material made of mobile phone cover to prevent hard objects left in the body scratches, and can be accidentally dropped when the phone, shock The role of shock absorption, cell phone protection is not bump. However, such mobile phone shell work is usually thick, prone to appear cumbersome bloated after the phone put on, if you compare the degree of emphasis on the phone, or try to avoid the choice of such mobile phone sets .
Third, leather phone case
Leather phone case has a small wear on the phone, heat dissipation and good features, but the leather phone case cut slit will lead to waterproof it as good as the silicone phone sets, and leather phone case in the style is relatively simple, stalls above the sale of real leather Mobile phone sets are mostly artificial leather or fake leather, will soon appear cracking phenomenon. Everyone in the purchase of leather phone case, you can use nails in the leather light scratch, if the skin faster recovery, then it may be leather.

Fourth, TPU phone protective cover
TPU mobile phone case is a popular case in recent years. As a material between rubber and plastic, it has good tear resistance, high tensile strength and high elongation. Although the TPU phone case easily turn yellow, but because of colorful, rich patterns and other advantages of the shape, by the public's favorite. And most TPU protective cover all-inclusive design, you can maintain the appearance of beauty at the same time play a role in protecting the phone.

In the current environment of "mobile phone to shell-based", if we do not have sufficient funds to start a new machine, may wish to consider replacing the phone case, anyway, now the phone is new, it is only changing the appearance of it .

Phone protective cover, is no longer a mere practical product. With the popularity of mobile phones in young communities, almost every young person seeking fashion wants a unique mobile phone, and the beauty of mobile phones has gradually become a way for them to show their personality. To cater to this trend, handset manufacturers introduced a number of more sophisticated workmanship and more chic color schemes. This makes the type of mobile phone case more diversified.

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