Big Move!Nokia Finally Has To Launch 5G Mobile Phones

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Recently,World Mobile Congress (MWC) successfully concluded in Barcelona, Spain. At this MWC conference, there are a large number of novel technology products coming out. However, when many manufacturers have to catch up with the tide of smart phones, HMD is not unusual way to launch a Nokia machine, and it has become the topic of this MWC. Just when people think of Nokia conservative, a "Nokia and China Mobile reached a 5G strategic cooperation" has become a hot news, is it to launch 5G Nokia mobile phones?


In addition to the introduction of three smartphones, Nokia 1, Nokia 7 plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco, HMD also introduced a 4G version of the Nokia 8110 with the unique arc of the original Nokia 8110 which has been popular in the movie  "Matrix" twenty years ago.The engraved version of the classic arc retained and produced a yellow version, looks like a banana, fresh and lovely . Nokia throw such a functional machine in the summit of mobile communications , in fact, is also a strategy.


Nokia handsets achieved 70 million units in sales last year, of which there was a large share of functional phones, and as of the end of last year, Nokia was still the leader in the world of functional phones. So, although the smart phone is the mainstream,Nokia will not immediately give up the functional machine market, it wants to retain this part of the functional machine market users, and then by simultaneous introduction of intelligent machines, stable its product quality and brand sound then begin the gradual transformation.


5G technology is now in progress

 People are inevitably start speculation when hearing the Nokia's 5G strategic cooperation with China Mobile, - Is Nokia going to launch a 5G mobile phone?It is reported that the recent cooperation between Nokia and China Mobile is to accelerate the network intelligence of China Mobile and other operators through Nokia's 5G FutureX network architecture. It seems Nokia has been ready to meet the 5G era. HMD launched more than a dozen new machines in the past year. Many of these new machines are smart phones that incorporate a variety of emerging technologies. From its frequency,Nokia is likely to be the first brand to launch a 5G mobile phone.


With sufficient brand foundation, the sales volume of Nokia handsets in the transition phase also showed a trend of getting better and better. And all the signs of keeping pace with the trend of new technologies are even more promising for the future of Nokia phones.


Are you looking forward to Nokia's 5G phone?

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