TPU phone shell and silicone phone shell which is better?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Mobile phone shell manufacturers nowadays generally use TPU and silicone raw materials to produce mobile phone shell, so many small partners will have questions whether TPU phone shell is better or silicone phone shell better? To figure out this problem first of all, you have to understand TPU material and silicone material have the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone shell, with a comparison of what kind of phone shell is better at a glance.

TPU is a high abrasion resistance, high strength, outstanding cold resistance, oil, water, mold resistance, good flexibility phone shell production of raw materials, so its price will be more expensive than silica gel, while the price of silica gel relative Cheap, although the performance of the protection of mobile phones is not bad, but the texture of silicone material is partial thick, less style, easy to oily, and the body fit slightly worse, while the material is slightly worse and easy to dip ash and gray.

TPU is a kind of raw material between rubber and plastic, so its flexibility is very good. Silica gel is easy to be pulled off once the addition of high tensile material in silica gel is too small. In terms of flexibility is far less than the phone shell TPU material.

The current shell manufacturers generally use the injection molding process to produce TPU phone case, which requires the use of modern high-precision injection molding machine equipment, and silicone case is still using the original vulcanization molding process, this The process of curing a product by means of a hydraulic press through a mold, although inexpensive in production and highly productive, can not be compared with a product produced by an injection molding process.

In addition, the appearance of the product, TPU is a very good transparency of the material, the production of mobile phone case can be almost fully transparent state, while the silicone material is not transparent, while the other silicone material shell heat dissipation is relatively poor, long-term wear Cell phone will make the phone's heat can not be promptly scattered, easy to damage the phone.

Through the above four groups of comparison, I believe TPU phone case and silicone phone shell which is good in your heart already have the answer, it can be said that the TOU material phone case is now the most popular mobile phone shell on the market, both in terms of style and performance are unparalleled The advantage, I believe in the near future, silicone cell phone case will become a history, and slowly replaced by TPU phone case.

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