The advantages of plastic phone case and maintenance tips

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Currently on the market a wide variety of mobile phone shell, according to the material generally divided into plastic phone case, frosted phone case, silicone phone case, metal phone case and leather phone case. Plastic phone case, also known as plastic phone case, the phone case manufacturers nowadays generally use TPU and PC material to produce plastic phone case, no product in this world is perfect, no matter what kind of material phone case has pros and cons. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic phone case? How to protect the plastic phone case?

Plastic phone shell advantages:
1. Lightweight and convenient: plastic phone case and silicone phone case material is very thin, with the current phone shell manufacturers have introduced a perfect fit body, while protecting the phone to restore the original touch experience mobile phone,
2. Good heat dissipation: plastic phone shell thermal conductivity is better, so the phone is not easy to use for a long time because of the heat spread out and cause the temperature is too high.
3 easy to increase the process: This aspect of the phone shell types have also been reflected, because the plastic phone shell low cost, so we are willing to increase the process.
4. Do not interfere with the phone signal: Compared to the metal case of the phone shell, the plastic case of the phone shell will not interfere with the signal of the phone.

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