Plastic phone case care and cleaning methods

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Plastic phone case care and cleaning methods:
1. Away from heat and open flame, high temperature is the biggest enemy of plastic phone case, plastic is a very low ignition point of material, if the case of high temperature plastic case melts not only the phone case is damaged Shenzhen will have an impact on the phone.
2. Regular cleaning of mobile phone shell, mobile phone shell because of the high frequency of use, but also the plastic material is relatively easy to sticky fingerprints, especially in the cracks in mobile phone shell particularly easy to get stuck dust, it is recommended that you a week for a simple Cleaning.
4. A little cleaning of the dust: plastic phone shell is relatively good waterproof performance, so when we are in the cleaning is relatively easy to use a wet towel to wipe it, if it is a crack in corners and other recommended with a small toothbrush To clean.
5. More stubborn stains: Because the plastic phone case for the oil a few of the immune, most of the stubborn stains can basically be a simple removal.
6. Very stubborn stains: such as chewing gum, paint, glue and other very viscous stains, it is recommended that you use the oil droplets on the toothbrush to clean, we must not use gasoline or corrosive liquids Cleaning, this will cause the corrosion of the phone case, at the same time will cause harm to the human body.

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