Phone shell manufacturers how to spray processing phone shell?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Phone shell generally have metal and plastic material points, the phone shell manufacturers in the production process of plastic phone case after injection molding processing generally need to go through spraying processing.

Phone shell spray is divided into manual spraying and automatic spraying, and now generally large-scale mobile phone shell manufacturers are using the automatic spraying production line to spray processing, such as Shenzhen Volk is equipped with 315 meters million dust-free automatic spraying line. Spray processing process generally have primer and topcoat, in order to make the phone shell surface processed out of color, luster, wear-resistant aspects have reached a high level also must control the thickness of the spray, the primer is thin, usually 3 ~ 5μm; topcoat coating thickness is generally 8 ~ 10μm.

After a series of spray processing, the phone shell manufacturers on the final production of the phone case wear-resistant test, qualified after the official mass production.

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