PC phone shell is good?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

The general selection of the production of mobile phone shell PC, TPU, silicone, metal, wood these types of materials, different materials have their own characteristics of the phone shell, then the PC phone shell is not good?

PC material is nowadays a very popular mobile phone shell production material, a lot of phone shell manufacturers chose PC material to make phone case because PC material has a very good transparency, strong and light and fall resistance, high strength Toughness is the best choice for shatter-resistant cellphone case materials.

General phone shell manufacturers PC material production of the phone shell are through PC spraying, vacuum plating and water transfer thermal transfer three processes to complete, according to the different needs of mobile phone shell products and choose a different technology to make the phone The shell is not only a three-dimensional pattern and beautiful back pattern, but also can have a very good feeling of getting started, and this is why it is so sought after in the market reasons.

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