Mobile Shell manufacturing process explained in detail

- Jan 02, 2018 -

The wide variety of cell phone cases available on the market make a lot of people put it down, he can not only play a role in protecting the phone, you can make your phone looks stylish and unique; but how these beautiful phone case is produced I believe many people do not know, below to bring you to understand some of the phone shell production technology.

Phone shell manufacturers production process

The general handset manufacturers to raw materials to make the final handset shell finished products need to die through mold making, test mode, sample confirmation, injection molding, surface coating, assembly, so the main steps.

Die mold making is divided into audit plans, drawing 3D drawings, split parts, turn 2D parts drawings, custom mold materials, parts processing, mold testing and assembly, the final proofing by the quality department testing and identification of qualified after the formal start of injection molding production .

The plastic case of the phone shell are injection molding machine to injection production, in the process there are numerous processes, each step is indispensable, first of all, PMC issued a production order, and then began to prepare the production of tools and raw materials, and then Then it is to debug the machine and make the first product and send it to Quality Department for testing. After qualified, it can be mass-produced. In this process, QC needs constant inspection to ensure that all the products in mass production meet the requirements.

After the completion of the injection molding department, the production of the mobile phone shell parts need to be sprayed, then you need to use fully automatic spraying production line, after spraying and then all the components after the assembly of the entire phone shell production process ended Of course, for some brand logo information and pattern information products also need to go through some screen printing, laser carving and some other processing, so after packaging a complete phone case will be made.

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