Buy mobile phone protective shell to pay attention to what issues?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Now people like to give their cell phones with a cell phone case, both to protect the phone and play a decorative role, but in the face of many different brands of mobile phone shell, many people make a mistake in the selection of time So, when buying mobile phone shell need to pay attention to what the problem?

Phone shell purchase
First, we must observe the thickness of the protective shell itself, followed by the degree of flexibility, then there is the cell phone or can be closely together, the size of the keys and interface parts are accurate, especially silicone and TPU protective cover material, Be sure to smell the purchase will have a pungent taste, if you do not have to buy.

Second, as the consumer, the most important thing in the interests of power depends on everyone to raise their awareness, deepen their understanding of the product and strengthen the mobile phone shell brand market is essential, so that our market can really be realized Vigorous and healthy development.

Third, the general genuine mobile phone protective cover products in the packaging there will be anti-counterfeit labels logo inquiries, remember to check the authenticity of the purchase.

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