Apple phone protective shell which material is good?

- Jan 02, 2018 -

At present, handset manufacturers are flourishing everywhere in China. With handset manufacturers launching a new generation of flagship machines every year, handset designs have also been updated from generation to generation, especially in the case of Apple mobile phone cases. Regardless of the style, material, Number are the best. So what kind of material Apple phone shell is better?

Apple mobile phone shell on the market are mainly silicone, leather, fabric, hard plastic, soft plastic and other materials, of course, each material has its own phone shell are strengths and weaknesses, there are deficiencies. Silicone Case Apple mobile phone shell is relatively soft, very easy to disassemble, the material cost is lower, easy to deformation is mainly yellow color easily, in a short time there will be very obvious, but feel good, after falling better elastic cushioning , Can play a protective role on the phone. The biggest drawback is the poor heat dissipation, affecting the speed of the machine, you can think of myself wearing a dress of this material and airtight, the whole hot summer feel. Therefore, this material is generally suitable for wholesale, the price is cheaper, suitable for some cell phone prices are not too expensive brand and the phone shell less demanding users.

TPU Apple phone protective shell wear, oil, moderate hardness, the majority of phone shell brand choice, usually using the printing process, you can batch custom, do not need how much money you can open a small workshop, and then a two More flexible, but the disadvantage is that the ink in the surface, poor imaging, easy to fade, especially easy to dirty. About fading, many people know that ink is toxic, you can think about the number of mobile phones every day and buckle Booger and eating behavior, which is undoubtedly equal to chronic suicide. Very unhygienic, but after a period of time, faded and dirty, very beautiful.

IMD (In-Mold Decoration) In-mold injection molding process, which is from the record used in an internationally popular process, in fact, this process has long been there, the story will not say. However, due to cost issues really applied to the field of product design and not long after, IMD process using in-mold high temperature injection molding, a mobile phone shell forming need to die, a film, printing, cover white, injection molding, hot pressing, quality inspection and other processes, Screen implanted in the middle of the shell, will never fade yellow, shell polishing, imaging strong sense of three-dimensional, high definition, dirty wipe clean, relatively speaking, the advantages are still many. But the disadvantage is because plastic, even the highest hardness can not compete with the metal material, so there will be scratches, with iphone4s people will know that the back of the phone shell is the IMD process, you can pick up to see if there is a scratch. This is the reason for the i5 into a metal material, Steve Jobs also justify the user that this is the traces of years, in fact, marks are traces of each object has its advantages and disadvantages. (Dust particles have a hardness of 8H, while natural objects with high hardness are more expensive, such as diamonds and diamond glasses.) Using this material, not to mention imaging, is cost prohibitive. In addition, and because it is printing, you must take a certain amount of manufacturers will do.

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